Happiness starts here…

Arief Widhiyasa

Arief Widhiyasa

Agate Studio have a dream that world can be a happier place to live. That’s what drives us in Agate Studio, where we craft fun experiences to enrich the way of enjoying life.

Agate Studio (PT. Agate International) was founded in April 2009 by 18 founders, started with almost no capital forced everyone to go bootstrapped with only $5/month payroll for almost 6 months. Even more challenging back then, we started with almost zero management knowledge and no experience in the game industry (even the industry state is still immature). Luckily, since the beginning, we’ve got a very strong passion, spirits, big vision to strive for, and surprisingly we’ve met lot of crews that join forces with us in the same spirit. As shown in our motto, ‘Live the fun way’, we wish for everyone to live the life as fun as it could be and wish to grow to be a sustainable company that will live hundreds of years with the happiness foundation.

Agate Studio quickly grew to be one of the largest Indonesian’s game development company, consists of top talents in the industry. We’re very happy that in these recent years we’ve transformed from a small studio developing web games titles for International market, into top-of-mind game development company in Indonesia with various range of services and products.

Nowadays, the gaming industry scene in Indonesia is growing very fast, the market is also growing rapidly. We see a big opportunity lies ahead as our main engine of growth, and we will always strive to create products and services that able to deliver the excellent fun experiences to our customers. In addition to bolster our growth and customer experience that we can deliver, we’re also actively seeking for strategic partnership. Let’s grow together, and of course, let’s ‘Live the fun way’..! :D


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