Valthirian Arc II

Play as the Principal of an Academy in a fantasy world. Train your student to become Knight, Magician, Priest and many other RPG Classes.

Football Saga

Football Saga is a web-based football simulation game. You will start playing as a rookie who tries to build his career in a professional football. Train yourself, join club, win the competition and be the next football legend.

Sengoku IXA

Player will rule a city, build the facility, grow crops, train troops and recruit heroes to become your war general. Experience the war in every week and get the Royal Reward from the Daimyo.

Upin&Ipin Demi Metromillenium

You will play as Upin and Ipin, protect the city from Robot Telur invasion and call Metrobot to destroy Robot Telur!
This game was made in collaboration with Les Copaque Game Development Inc.

Earl Grey and This Rupert Guy

There's a package that must be delivered, and Rupert the Deliveryman delivers any package directly to its owner. But the mansion of Earl Grey is not a usual mansion: it has mysteries, puzzles, and ghosts. Best of all, it has a pair of glasses which allows Rupert to see supernatural things!