Agate Studio at Mandiri Young Entrepreneur Expo 2013

On 17-20 January 2013, Agate Studio was given the opportunity to attend the Mandiri Young Entrepreneur Expo 2013 that was held by Bank Mandiri, Indonesia. In addition participating at the booth was provided by Teknopreneur, Agate Studio which was represented by Arief Widhiyasa also allowed to be one of the speakers at the "Building a Game Strategy Business" talkshow along with Joseph Lumbangaol of M-Stars. The goal is to spread a positive aura to the public with our term "Live the fun way".

Arief Widhiyasa at Talkshow (Image source:

In the other session, Shieny Aprilia, Chief Operating Officer of Agate Studio also had the opportunity to speak on a "Potential and Market of the National Game Industry" talkshow along with CEO, Robi Baskoro. In this session, Shieny told that the gaming industry in Indonesia has a great potential to become a huge industry in the future.

Not only that, at the booth, Agate Studio managed to attract the interest of visitors by introducing Agate Studio itself. The visitors were introduced to Agate Studio games which can compete in the international market. "It's good to see many visitors come to our booth. We saw the interest of the visitors to this unique industry in Indonesia. Here we also have the opportunity to present our games.", Arief Widhiyasa explained.

According to Shieny, Mandiri Young Entrepreneur Expo is the great event because it fosters the spirit of the Indonesia young entrepreneurhip. "This event is very nice to be appreciated. Because of it, many young men were driven to make new innovations. As we know that the youngsters are the pillars of the nation who are able to drive the wheels of life in many unique ways.", she added.