Agate Studio Will Participate in Game Connection 2012, Paris

Game Connection Europe 2012


After the trip to Tokyo a few months ago, now it’s the time for Agate Studio to set foot in Paris! Bienvenue! We are not only coming to enjoy the beautiful city of Paris, but also to improve the quality of our games in the future. This opportunity came to us after the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Indonesia (Parekraf) invited Agate Studio to participate in the Game Connection event, which will be held in Paris from 28 to 30 November 2012 in order to enhance the quality of the game industry in Indonesia.


This event focuses on the B2B world where all game developers will be exposed to the business world in order to boost the growth of the game development industry. In addition, this event will also provide a good knowledge to the game developers to be able to survive in harsh business conditions.


Agate Studio's participation at Game Connection is a form of the government's support for the growth of the local game developers. "It is a great honor to us because we were invited to Paris in order to introduce the existence of Indonesia in the international gaming industry. Through opportunities like this, we hope Indonesia can follow the rapid development of the gaming industry out there," said Andrew who is the Chief Marketing Officer as well as a co-founder of Agate Studio.


From this event, Agate Studio wishes creative industries in Indonesia will go towards the international scene, particularly the local game developers. Agate Studio also hopes to improve communications among game developers from other countries. "We hope our visit to Paris could become a great experience, gain good knowledge, and that we could establish a good relationship with other game developers, so that we could learn a lot from them," said Vincent, also one of the co-founder of Agate Studio who will set foot in Paris.


Besides Agate Studio, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Indonesia also invited Nightspade, another game developer from Bandung, Indonesia.


More information about Game Connection 2012 is available at the following link: