Chillingo and Agate Studio Released "Up in Flames" on the App Store

Up in Flames


A few days ago, Agate Studio announced a partnership with a leading indie mobile games publisher, Chillingo. Today, the companies are proud to announce the launch of a new game, 'Up in Flames’ on the App Store.


Agate Studio is commonly known for their mobile game titles, Football Saga, Pocari Futsal and Cerebrovit Academy. Although this is the first time they release a game on iOS, working with Chillingo is proving their dedication to mobile platforms. “Chillingo is proud to partner with Agate Studio to publish this creative slingshot puzzler,” said Ed Rumley, COO of Chillingo. “We look forward to introducing the game and its quirky, fun characters to fans around the world.”


Up in Flames attracted media attention when it was taken by Agate Studio and Indonesian Ministry of Cultural and Creative Economy to Game Connection event in Paris last year. This locally developed title is a slingshot-puzzler that features slick 2D graphics. The game tells the story of a cute, small dragon creature named Baff. Within the game, players are invited to play as Baff completes each mission using special tricks and unique mechanics.


Up in Flames ScreenshotUp in Flames ScreenshotUp in Flames Screenshot


Up in Flames is now available on the App Store: Watch the teaser trailer to learn more.


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