Event Report : Agate Studio at Tokyo Game Show 2012

It was an honor to Agate Studio to be trusted to represent Indonesia game developers in one of the biggest gaming event in the world, Tokyo Game Show 2012. Our purpose in coming to the Tokyo Game Show 2012 was to show that the gaming industry in Indonesia is growing quite rapidly nowadays. The quality of Indonesian games were getting better, and even many of them could go international. Besides, Agate Studio as a professional company was also trying to introduce our company to the game developers and game publishers in Japan to open up the opportunity to work together in the future.


Agate Studio Chief Operating Officer, Shieny Aprilia was also trusted by Nikkei BP, the organizer of the Tokyo Game Show, to be one of the panelists at the Asia Game Business Summit, which was a part of this conference. This was the first time for Indonesia to be invited to be a panelist in the Tokyo Game Show.


Besides Agate Studio, there were panelists from RenRen Games (China), NHN Games (South Korea) and DeNA (Japan). The topics were talked in the panel discussion were about the trends of mobile games and social games in Asia, the smartphone trends in each country in Asia, and how to maintain a human resource to develop the games in the business of each company.


Shieny Aprilia, COO of Agate Studio, became one of panelists in Asia Game Business Summit, Tokyo Game Show 2012, together with ‘giants’ such as DeNA (Japan), Renren (China), and NHN (Korea).


Being on a giant stage of gaming event in Asia was a very interesting experience. Indirectly, it indicated that Indonesia was highly regarded in the gaming industry forum in Asia. The responses of the audience that attended the panel discussion were also very interesting. According to them, the appearance of Agate was very vibrant and fun. It made a lot of people remember that spirit and passion are just as important as a company's data and performance.

Agate was also honored to work together with the Indonesia Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Parekraf), Mrs. Mari Elka Pangestu, to give a press conference to Japanese media.


Mrs. Mari Elka Pangestu and Agate Studio's COO, Shieny Aprilia (right), at Tokyo Game Show press conference


In our visit to Japan this time, we also had the opportunity to meet with many game developers and publishers in Japan. In general, their response was very positive towards Indonesia. Besides, they were hoping that Indonesia could be a big target market for game creators in Japan in the future, they also saw that many game creators in Indonesia had excellent quality to go international.