Mobile Games Developer War 4 : List of Winners

After going through the long journey and struggles, MGDW 4 parties finally can relief their breath. MGDW 4 which was organized by Agate Studio, Nokia Indonesia, and Faculty of Computer Science from Universitas Indonesia had ended on December 21, 2012 after they did the judging and announcing the MGDW 4 winners through Twitter.

Total number of MGDW 4 winners itself is 13 parties. Here is the list of winners:


Although MGDW 4 winners had been determined, but the essence of victory is when every party struggled to develop games. "Mobile Games Developer War is not a competition which designed to look for the winner only, but there is something more important. The competition is designed to provide a way for beginner developers to feel the experience how to make a mobile game product. Therefore, being the winners of this competition is only a milestone for those of you who participated, the real winning is not about when you become a champion!", explained Narenda Wicaksono as the representative of Nokia Indonesia on his Twitter account before the MGDW 4 competition officially closed.


Congratulations to the MGDW 4 winners who have been pouring sweat to strive to be the best. Hopefully, the parties which were not included in the nominations are not discouraged and we hope you remain optimistic to give positive contributions to Indonesia game development. See you at Mobile Games Developer War next competition.