The New Valthirian Arc is in the Making!

Valthirian Arc is one of the popular game series created by Agate Studio. The setting of the game is what makes it so different than any other RPG. As the academy as its setting and your character as its principal, you will have to build your school and set your students on various missions before going down the path to save the world.

Valthirian Arc 2 itself is popular within the flash gaming portals, with a good rating and considerable amount of fanbase. As of now (2015), the game has been played by millions of users worldwide. You can read the review of Valthirian Arc 2 from Jayisgames here.

This announcement has been well received by the fans. On the Valthirian Arc fanpage, we received a lot of positive support, suggestion, and feedback. Most fans are enthusiast with the long-awaited announcement. They want to see the new Valthirian Arc in a larger scale, more challenging mission, and more interesting story plot.

The new Valthiran Arc: Red Covenant is still at the early phase of development, but we are gonna make a surprise and the new experience for the fans. More stories will follow in the upcomin weeks. Stay tuned!

Valthirian Arc: Red Covenant is going to be released for PC, Mac, and Linux on digital platforms.